Argile Black.png


Contemporary wheel thrown pieces that show off their boldness and confidence.

Each piece is created with the utmost care, detail and passion it deserves.


Looking at the products of ArgilébyLéan on Instagram has been my daily fix of gorgeous shapes and stunning colours for well over a year now.  Each day brings unusual shapes, new techniques and extremely useful yet beautiful dinnerware items. I purchased some tumblers for drinking wine and have used them for small vases as well. The shapes are innovative and the colours divine with hard drips of beauty falling like a serene waterfall from the edges.


Shipping from South Africa to Canada is very reasonable and much faster than one would believe. My items were very well packaged and no damage occurred. I look forward to the arrival of my new vase with intricate carving.  This technique is quickly becoming one of my favourites although my favourites rotate on a daily basis. Keep the ideas coming Léan!

Judy, Canada